"It was powerful, absolutely awesome. We will forever be changed from this experience."

- High School Principal 


LA-based soul/pop outfit, HEЯITAGE, is using music and story-telling to bring a power driven motivational presentation that inspires students and faculty alike. 


Band members Gianluca Gibbons and Hannah Eggen have already inspired thousands after doing a nine-school tour in Bermuda, and launching the #ThoseRedLips Confidence Campaign with their single 'Red Lips' and The Arbonne Charitable Organization last summer. A campaign inspiring many to have confidence on the inside and out. 


They are delighted to bring this transformational experience to your campus.


"It inspired me a lot."

- Student

"You empowered me to do something bigger."

- Student

"We found the presentation really inspiring. We took a lot from it. It was relatable.”

- Student

"Not only were you speaking facts, but you were speaking about real life events."

- Student

"A wonderful presentation. It resonates with the kids. Hope these guys come back."

- Faculty

"It motivated us to do something, and make a change."

- Student

"You can do nothing but make me a better parent, and a better teacher. Thank you."

- Faculty


Confidence Campaign

Gianluca Gibbons, B.M., M.B.A., is an international performing artist, actor, composer and an accomplished entrepreneur in both entertainment and motivational speaking. His music and public speaking has taken him on stages around the world speaking in both English and Spanish. Mr. Gibbons is driven to use his life experience to inspire millennials to unleash their full potential.

Hannah Eggen is a world renowned performing artist, entrepreneur and speaker. She has shared the stage with greats like Carlos Santana, DJ Khaled and Wyclef Jean. For years she taught taught dance and performance at a professional level developing artists to build their confidence on stage. Hannah is delighted to use the same skill and passion to continue inspiring young minds to reach their dreams.


Gianluca Gibbons: Introduction (5 mins)

Hannah Eggen: Confidence & Knowing Your Purpose (10 mins)

Gianluca Gibbons: Vision & Dreaming Big (10 mins)

Hannah Eggen & Gianluca Gibbons: Musical Performance (15 mins)


Session 1: The Creative Process (30 - 45 mins)

Overview: An inside view on how we go from a simple idea to a final product with our available resources as independent artists.

Purpose: Show students how possible it is for them to develop their ideas into a finished product with the resources they have available.

How We Do It: We will create a song with the group, record it, shoot a video and end the session with a final product.

Take Away: Motivate students towards exploring the possibilities within what they already have, and to see the potential within the resources available to them.

Session 2: 3 Steps To Success (30 - 45 mins)


Overview: An interactive session that teaches students the 3-steps we use to reach success. A simple concept that will encourage the students to view themselves as a small business, and to see school as a means of investing in their business.

The Three Steps:

1. Define your mission and purpose in life.

2. Understand and develop your brand, know what makes you different.

3. Find and connect with your ideal audience, the people you will benefit and service.

How We Do It: Break down each step using examples to help the students relate to each concept. Have students create their own "Personal Executive Summary" using these 3 steps as their guide.

Take Away: For students to see themselves as a valuable walking and breathing business, and an asset to their surrounding community. To also give them an introduction to the mindset of an entrepreneur, and to see themselves as budding business professionals.



Bermuda Tour Recap


Music Video Reel

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